A Note About Self-Hosted Video

You can also embed what is called self-hosted video on your own server if you do not want to or can't post it to Vimeo or YouTube, the two most popular choices for hosted video.

Because modern browsers can finally all play what is called .mp4 video, you can actually start to use the HTML5 video element with just one file type, that is ,.mp4.

For example, for the video embedded below, I took a video with my iPhone, and then just changed the .m4v extension that it used to .mp4 and uploaded it to my server. Easy peasy.

This link at the Can I Use website confirms that if we are targeting IE9 and up and all other modern browsers, we should be good to go with a very simple embed as shown below in the code block.

A video of the Adirondack Mountains.

Resize the browser to a narrower width to see that it is responsive.