A Note about HTML5 and Internet Explorer

In this class we will write our websites in HTML5 as most people do now. However, if you look at the page skeleton code in Unit One you will see that I have included the hosted version of the HTML5 "shiv" in the head of that sample page.

This is because versions of Internet Explorer less than 9, that is, 8 on down, will not recognize the new HTML 5 elements such as section, article, and aside, and a page using these will not render properly without including a script in the head that fools IE8 into rendering these elements.

One thing to keep in mind is that for every day that goes by, the percentage of your visitors that will visit your site using Internet Explorer 8 or less is shrinking. For example, the web tutorials site W3 Schools has been sharing its browser stats from server logs for years and the IE 8 numbers as of this writing are less than one percent:


A final note is that if you end up working on a project that uses a script called Modernizr, then you will not have to include the HTML5 shiv because it is already included in the Modernizr script:


If this all sounds messy and complicated, it's because even relatively simple front-end web design is a complex field that involves creating web pages for a very diverse landscape of devices and user agents (think "browsers").